Chilli Dog Dogs via Deliveroo

I’ll stand by what I’ve said before; nobody does better hotdogs than Chilli Dog Dog’s.  I’ve been to the one in London that also sells fizz, the one in New York through the phone box with the bearded hipsters, and the one in London which name checks New York and now sells to the Birmingham restaurant which is a bit like Burger & Lobster.  Still with me? No, well neither am I.  I guess what I am trying to say is for all my travels, I always end up back in Moseley, queuing up for the tin shack in the back garden of the Prince of Wales.

But now I am cold and yet again hungover, with no desire to be judged by the length of my stubble or depth of the bags underneath my eyes.  I have a stomach to answer to and credit in my Deliveroo account thanks to a nifty referral system (get your ten pound code here  We order and wait all of twenty eight minutes for a polite man to arrive with dinner.  He doesn’t judge me, dressing gown and all.


The dog is a relatively new one, from a menu seemingly aimed at food intended to threaten fingers and chins as much as mouths.  Its messy in the best possible sense, a lashford sausage drowned in a mixture of chopped mango, spicy sriracha sauce, pickled carrots and toasted peanuts, all of which hint at warmer climes than B13.  The sausage is rightly the star, robust and piggy in texture and flavour.


Don’t let the name kid you, he does burgers as well.  Aged patties from a proper piece of cattle and a butcher who knows his trade.  The one we order is loosely packed, big on the taste of bovine and topped with a generous amount of macaroni cheese and bits of crispy bacon.  Its familiar burgers flavours reinvented for those with a dirty mind.  And boy do I have a dirty mind.


We take two sides when one would have been plenty.  The chips are better than the nacho’s, though the latter have a beef ragu sauce that would improve anything, desserts included.  Next time it will be the chips topped with the silky cheese sauce and the beef.  Just thinking about it makes me want that next time to be now.  I’ve come to the conclusion that we’re lucky to have the likes of Chilli Dog’s on our doorstep, and they seem happy enough braving the elements in a pub back garden so I can get my feed from the comfort of my living room.  And that relationship works perfectly fine for me.

As well as The Prince of Wales and Deliveroo, you can also catch Chilli Dog Dogs frequently at 1000 Trades.  I thought I should point that out, too.


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